Last Saturdays with ProPath

ProPath is pleased to announce Last Saturday AMAs (Ask Me Anything). Join Linda and Tim the last Saturday of each month, as they take you through the major conceptual, thematic, and structural elements of what makes a classic script.

This series of AMAs will help you identify and master industry-level concepts and how to execute those concepts through the classic Hollywood three-act structure.  These AMAs will take place via Zoom at 10 am PST the last Saturday of each month. They will run for 90-120 minutes in length and they will be free. 

Structure.  It’s everywhere in everything.  Your day.  Your life.  Jokes.  Commercials.  Pitches. TV shows.  Films.  Let us help you master structure to create engaging narratives with rising stakes, cathartic emotional engagement, and engaging, satisfying resolutions.

Learn how to develop the structure of your screenplay or TV pilot like a professional.  Learn skills, structure points, and critical tools to write your script.

Whether you’re a writer of films and tv or just a fan who loves a great story, this PROPATH AMA series will prepare participants to master structure at a professional industry level. 

Meet the Experts

Linda Voorhees

Linda is a writer and a graduate of the UCLA MFA screenwriting program. She is the former Director of the UCLA MFA Screenwriting Program and has taught screenwriting at Women in Film, Chapman University, the WGA, and more.

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Tim Albaugh

Tim is a writer/producer and a graduate of the UCLA MFA screenwriting program. He’s taught screenwriting at UCLA, UC Irvine, Hollins University, Pixar Animation Studios, and Walt Disney Feature Animation.

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