Secrets of the RomCom Seminar

ProPath Screenwriting

In this one-day seminar, writer Zac Hug covers the structure, character requirements, and specific rules of the different buyers in the romance space. He’ll also give you tips on how to get your script in front of producers and executives who can help you move your project forward. Learn more at the link below.


Linda’s 434

In Linda's 10 session online workshop, you will go from concept to completed first draft. This is a class for novices and experts alike. Linda tailors her feedback based on the writers' level, so it's a diverse writers' table. Story development, craft, self-critique are critical elements that Linda will explore over the course of the…


Erin’s Ten Week Romcom Workshop

In our 10-week online workshop, Erin Rodman, writer of the Hallmark Channel’s Nantucket Noel, will guide you from concept to first draft of your romance idea to help make it the most attractive script amongst the hundreds of enchanting submissions all vying for a “meet-cute” with its soulmate–the producer. Erin’s next class begins on Wednesday,…


“Pitch it up a Notch!” ® with Hunter Phillips

So you’ve written a great script. Now what? To be successful, you have to be adept at much more than simply writing. We all want to see our stories move from page to screen, but an effective pitch is often a necessary precursor. Screenwriting is a business; successful writers need the skills to present themselves,…


Zac’s Romcom Intensive Workshop

Are you ready to take your romcom to the next level? Prolific Hallmark writer Zac Hug can help! This workshop has been formulated to help writers take that last crucial step in breaking into professional romcom writing. To join this class, you must have written 3+ scripts (including rewrites), with preferably at least one being…