Movies We Love


We all have a list of movies that might not fit the elevated definition of great movies.  We seem to be in constant discussion of movies that fit the definition of classic. Great structure, great character, great delivery dialogue and story.  

But the following lists are not made up of titles that one might offer up when we’re in a cerebral discussion with our film-geek buddies.  

We might feel sheepish that we love an un-classic or cheesy film.  

Maybe we love the movie because it was part of our own memory of a certain time.  A first date, a first kiss, with the perfect person—and the movie became part of that perfection.  Maybe it’s a movie that just makes you laugh or cry. Maybe the movie just entertained you at the right time. 

Guilty Pleasures

For the Love of the Business

Go to Court with the Movies

Staycation Films

Reunion Films

Summer Classics to Get You Through a Heat Wave

Cry Baby, Cry

Heist & Caper Movies

Lovely Little Film Jewels

Teen Movies You May Have Overlooked

Hang On to Summer Movies

Oh, Mother!

Road Picture List