Oh, Mother!


Americans have a complicated relationship to their mothers.  Pray the relationship remains unresolved because it’s a topic that has generated some of the best cinema.

Below is my list of favorite mother movies.

TERMS OF ENDEARMENT:  The ultimate mom movie.  Every unresolved issue laid bare in humor and poignancy.

MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS:  A mother for all mothers.  Perfection in starched lace.

ORDINARY PEOPLE:  Who knew Mary Tyler Moore could deliver this brittle, arch, and fragile character?

HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY:  A mother at the center of her family, she holds them all together against unbelievable odds.  Mother never cries. 

MOMMIE DEAREST:  Melodrama delivered the way that Joan would have admired 

POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE:  Where is the line? That mother daughter stuff always seems undefined and fuzzy.  It’s played for comedy and really delivers, 

THE GRADUATE:  If daughters become their mothers, watch out.  

THE FAMILY STONE:  Diane Keaton is a luminescent jewel.  

MR. MOM:  Yep. Had to do it.  Only Michael Keaton could deliver a comedy performance that also honors mothers. 

PSYCHO:  A boy’s best friend is his mother. 

TERMINATOR:  She not only has to save her son, she has to save the future of the world.  

LIFE WITH FATHER:  Irene Dunne outsmarts William Powell at every turn.