Road Picture List


American audiences love road pictures.  They’re deceptively difficult to execute, but when they work, they really work.  

My judgment of a road picture is simply this, “do I want to be in the car with them?”

This is my list of favorite road pictures:

IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT:  Claudette Colbert teaches Clark Gable about hitchhiking.  

THE GREAT RACE:  Who cares about Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood, when you’ve got Lemmon and Falk as the ultimate villains? 

MIDNIGHT RUN:  Why isn’t this movie on everyone’s action film list?

PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES:  John Hughes at his best with great comedy talent.  

THELMA AND LOUISE:  The ultimate road chick movie.  It makes you want to blow up a semi.

THE SURE THING:  it starts with show tunes and ends with love.

BITE THE BULLET:  Yep. It’s a western.  But it’s also one of the best road pictures ever made.

THE GUMBALL RALLY:  Straight up fun.  

VANISHING POINT:  When America was wide open and you could run under the radar. 

EASY RIDER:  A psychedelic  Harley ride.  

ALMOST FAMOUS:  Coming of age on a rock and roll tour bus. 

NATIONAL LAMPOON VACATION:  The ultimate American vacation.

NATIONAL LAMPOON EUROPEAN VACATION:  The ultimate American vacation overseas.  

IF IT’S TUESDAY THIS  MUST BE BELGIUM: Love and romance on a European bus ride.  

A LITTLE ROMANCE:  First love and a road trip across Europe for a kiss. 

WITHNAIL AND I:  What a broke actor will do for a little cash—oh dear.  

SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT:  Watch it for Jackie Gleason.  He perfected the scattalogical term, “summbitch.”