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Craftsmanship, Guidance, and Support


I’ve had development execs quote Tim Albaugh in meetings. ProPath is the real deal. - Reneé Birchler

Linda’s script guidance was invaluable, and I owe much of my growth as a writer to Linda. The best feature film I’ve written so far was in her class at UCLA (it was a script that won UCLA Screenwriters Showcase and helped me land a meeting at CAA). She has a remarkable sense of what makes a story work and an ability to see what will make your writing shine. If you’re a comedy writer, even better, because she has a great comedic sensibility and joke suggestions. Also, she pulls no punches in letting you know her true thoughts about your story ideas and script pages, which is very helpful when you’re trying to figure out what to cut. I’d describe Linda as a “writer whisperer,” helping you to pull the best out of yourself. Linda makes writing fun, which is surprisingly rare for teachers. She’s also hilarious and being around her is an absolute joy, so if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to write with Linda, DO it! - Jane Miller winner of the WGA Humanitas Award

I love this! Two of my favorite teachers in one great package! - Kellen Hertz

Linda Vorhees tore my prior convictions about the craft down and built them again from the ground up. Her feedback is consistently honest, intuitive, and insightful, and her years of experience in writing and teaching ensure that she always seems to know the perfect fix for that scene you’re struggling with. If you want personable, no-holds-barred insight that will push you to become a better writer, Linda Vorhees is your answer. Tim Albaugh blew me away as a lecture instructor. His engaging and involved demeanor encouraged participation and questioning. His advice and wisdom, on anything from character to breaking into the industry, is invaluable and inspiring. Linda and Tim made me realize that screenwriting was more than just a pipe dream - it’s an industry and a craft that can be taught, learned, and made into a career.  - Garreth Boucher

"Linda flat-out pointed me in the direction of family-adventure-fun when I pitched a period piece. Once I changed directions I had a blast presenting pages and letting her critique, cajole and compliment these pages and characters. I’m anxious to keep going! Linda's a superior teacher."  - Alva Moore

“Linda’s insights connecting character and structure take you deeper into both. In scene work, she’s got a terrific ear for pacing and dialogue. Most of all, she both writes and leads with her heart which gives her an authentic connection in helping other writers elevate the emotional impact of their writing, whether to accentuate a moment or get a laugh.” - Jennifer Edwards

Prof. Vorrhees and Prof. Albaugh are masters of the screenwriting craft, and more importantly, the art of teaching. It is their unique qualification as experts which sets them apart from others in the field, evidenced by their screenwriting students’ professional track records, including my own. As a UCLA Screenwriting MFA candidate, I was fortunate to take many classes with both Linda and Tim, where I developed an understanding and deep appreciation for our singular form of storytelling. And it is with this education and encouragement that my indie feature film “Just Peck” (starring Academy Award winner Brie Larson) came to life, written, by no coincidence, in Prof. Albaugh’s UCLA screenwriting class. If you to truly learn the craft of screenwriting, if you want to succeed as a screenwriter, you want Linda and Tim to show you the way. - Marc Arneson

Longtime professional writers and teachers, Linda and Tim combine years of experience and expertise in formidable one-two instructional punch. They’ve nurtured numerous students who have gone on to screen and television writing careers thanks to their skillful instruction, knowledge of the craft and business, and constructive support. I’m envious of those fortunate enough to work with them. - Jim Strain

“Linda Voorhees is the best friend a nascent writer or teacher could have. She’s equal parts psychiatrist, cheerleader, and den mother. Her optimism terrifies me.” - Nick Griffin writer of Matchstick Men

During my time at UCLA I was lucky enough to have Linda Voorhees as an instructor several times. Actually, she was the only instructor I chose to work with my entire final year of film school. That’s because of her incredible blend of story smarts, character perspective, structure knowledge and talent for helping her students write the strongest version of their script possible. It was with her guidance and support that I wrote and rewrote the script that helped launch my career. Linda was an invaluable instructor and mentor and played a major role in my growth as a writer. If you ever have a chance to work with her you should. Your scripts will thank you. - Susan Hurwitz Arneson Co-Executive Producer The Tick & Preacher

1) A combination of the best brains in the business. You can’t miss this one. 2) Linda doesn’t just teach but walks the path guiding you at every step 3) Linda’s understanding of storytelling is so powerful it’s impossible to go wrong. Writing requires a certain mindset, Linda instils that mindset in you and Tim’s mastery of the craft is impeccable - Smita Mukherjee

I highly recommend working with Tim and Linda! Tim's suggestions and insights have taken my screenwriting up several levels. Anyone who is serious about their screenwriting should beat a path to their door! Take one of their seminars and find out for yourself! - Ken Lingo

"Linda Voorhees is a story master. I had a movie idea I loved, that I'd tried and failed multiple times to outline. She asked questions, made suggestions, and presto, the cinematic story I wanted appeared. She then coached me steadily into completing a first draft. She gave cogent and constructive notes on it. As a result of her vast knowledge and experience with story and her insistence on clear, solid writing, I have a draft that's out there getting read. Even better, I feel more confident in my own skills and judgement, and ready to tackle the next idea that tries to give me any lip. I'll just give it the Voorhees treatment and it'll behave itself."  - Gina DeAngelis