Write On, Dear Writer


Fear as Motivation

Character can be the way into a script. Many writers begin the screenwriting process by finding a character that fascinates them. Read on.



You spend a great amount of time on the first draft of your script. If you’re in a workshop, you probably begin with a treatment and a step-outline. Read on.


Facing Page One

Page one is the beginning of the beginning. Read on.


Rewrite Checklist

Critical questions to ask when evaluating your script. Read on.


Page One Checklist

So when you look at the first page of your script, what are the elements you need to have in place? Here’s a helpful checklist.


Why We Love the Movies

Is it more than just entertainment and escape? Yes, yes, it is! Read on.


Great Opening Hook

The opening hook is everything. It is the contract between you and the audience. Read on.


Write Now!

Writing is a singular endeavor, that in the early stages of a career requires a great amount of discipline and self-motivation. Read on.


What About Talent?

There is probably no clearer waste of psychic energy than worrying about how much talent you have—and probably no worry more common. Read on.